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Flores De Mayo 2008
This is the exciting part of this site.In this page you can do announcement for your incoming shedule such as your wedding ceremonies,birthdays or debut,baptismal,if you are a cultural group you can announce your coming shows,anniversary for the religious groups,and many others.Anyone is invited to add their announcement,please send us your message.


June 3, 2008

Gender and Remittances in Italy - initial report

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are happy to announce that the initial results of our research
work in partnership with UN-INSTRAW and UN-IFAD has come out.

FWC would like to express its gratitude to all of you who have
contributed to this study. We'd like to invite you to visit and read
through the following link: have-positive-impacts-on-gender-equality-in-the-philipp.html

We hope that the study contributes to the debate on gender, migration
and development.

Best regards,
Charito Basa