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This portion talks about filipinos with computer problems that need help,you are welcome to send us your question and hope that our computer expert may help you in someways.Here are some questions from our kabayan and answered by the pc expert.

QUESTION:deleteng email without viewing the message

when I recieved an undesired email using microsoft outlook express and I click on it,the message will be highlighted and open or viewed on the bottom frame,yes I can delete the email but my problem is I dont want to view the message.Can u help me? Romy
ANSWER:If I'm not mistaken the bottom frame you are saying is the preview pane where the contents of the email is viewed when you click on the email at the top frame,it means that on the configuration of your outlook express the preview pane is shown.In your case you want only to delete the email without viewing the contents,the solution for this is not to show the preview pane,the disadvantage only is if you want to open or read the contents of the email you have to double click on it to open in a separate window.Follow this instruction, open your outlook express,on the toolbar click view/layout and deselect the checkbox of show preview pane and click apply then ok.

QUESTION: problems with opening folders
For the fast few days something strange happen to my computer when opening folders.Instead of opening the folder when I double clicking on it the SEARCH command appears.Why? Eddie
ANSWER: When you right click on the folder,in menu the OPEN command appears,but it is not the default anymore,it means that when you double click the folder the open command is activated and the folder will open,but what happen is the OPEN command was substituted with SEARCH command.In "My Computer" go to toolbar and click Tools/Folder Option/File Types.Click on Folder then on Advanced.Click on Open then Set Default.

QUESTION: left click & right click
Bago lang po akong nag cocomputer,nalilito pa ako sa pag gamit ng mouse,gusto ko lang pong malaman kung kailan dapat gamitin ang click once,double click and right click ng mouse. Mirriam
ANSWER: Talagang ganyan sa umpisa,nalilito ka dahil bago ka lang sa computer,hindi mo pa kasi alam how to use it,but you dont know that even those matatagal na sa computer ay until now they dont know when to use the single click ,double click and right click of mouse,so the answer is not only for you but also for them.(by default) In most operating system Single click left is use when selecting an item without opening it,double click left to open an item, and single click right is to open the menu with different commands to select..

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