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It took considerable time in creating this website. If you appreciate the time involved and are enjoying the website, please consider making a "donation" of any amount via paypal to Just click the donation button below. Happy viewing!! of filipinos in italy
(Rome, April 2, 2002) Welcome to "", the website of Filipinos in Italy. This site is created by Chris Rivero for all Pinoy in Italy to help find the information you need, to keep us intouch with each other.
Anyone is invited to add entries to announce the activities and service they can offer.Thanks to our sponsors this site can be viewed in Internet worldwide. Please send us your ideas and comments about "",we can utilize them as a way of sharing ideas to all Filipinos all over the world.


" A Gifted Vocalist"--- New York Times

They call her the "Queen of Jazzipino." Charmaine Clamor, the Philippines gift to world music, has shared her magic on four continents, mesmerizing audiences whatever their native language. CHARMAINE will be touring EUROPE during summer of 2014, with a July 1 arrival planned. Final dates and routing to be determined; we'll build her tour around you!

Programs for OFWs
14 March 2007 – Philippine Ambassador to Italy Philippe J.
Lhuillier reported to the Department of Foreign Affairs that
the Embassy launched two technology-based programs that
would benefit Overseas Filipino Workers on 11 March. ......

Press Releases
Gerry Balid of TFC-ABS/CBN awards the plaque to Maris Gavino, President
Associazione Pilipinas OFSPES

OFSPES received the plaque from TFC- ABS/CBN on 16 July 2012 qualifying it as a finalist of the Global Bayaning Pilipino - Europe.

The beauty of Italy
The Colosseum is one of the
most famous monuments of
the ancient Rome. Inaugurated
in 80 A.D., it was built as a giant
stage for gladiator fights......
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Is your permesso di soggiorno ready for release?
Decreto Flussi 2010: Verify On Line
You want to know the status of your KIT?
All about INPS


A Filipina crowned as Miss Italy in the World
Filipina honored by Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi
War Games uso sa Italia


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